Must-bring items for camping

Going camping? Well, while camping we tend to pack almost every item we think will be beneficial. However, even with the amount of preparation that we have made, we still leave out some of the most important things. Probably because we merely forgot or we didn’t know that they were necessary for camping.

Since nobody wants to forget the essential camping gear, most camping newbies tend to carry almost every camping gear they find in the shops. At times they even take some unwanted items which later turn out to be a burden to them during the camping period. It is, therefore, imperative for you to familiarize yourself with the most important items that you shouldn’t miss during camping.

Most important camping items

First aid kits

With a first aid kit, you will not have to worry when you get suffer injuries especially minor ones while camping. You should also learn how to use the item in the first aid kit. An ideal camping package should have treatment for blisters, bandage, gloves, some over-the-counter painkillers, a pen, and a notebook. The kit should be of good size to be able to cater for the people present for camping.

Navigation tools

Some of the navigation tools should include a map and a compass. The map should be specific and relevant to the camping area. It can be as simple as a footpath map or even a more advanced topographic map.

Accompanied to the map should be a compass. A compass should assist you in finding your way together with the map when lost. Well, most assume that with a mobile phone you can easily locate your way with using GPS service. This might be very risky since you will be depending on your phone’s battery, and since the compass is not adding any weight in your pocket, why not carry it?

Camping power sources

Choose the best portable energy sources to remain fully charged during your time in the camp. Here, you have a wider range of items to choose, from wind-powered devices or batteries to generators and even solar-powered accessories.

The most recommended are the solar-powered accessories. Some of the solar accessories you can choose include – lantern lamps and solar flashlights- to ensure you are not left out in the dark.

–    Solar water purifies- Never drink untreated water while camping. You can use the solar purifier for this.

–    Solar powered charger- for your phones and cameras

–    Solar powered oven …. And many others.

Extra food and water

Always pack the right amount of food and water for the camping period. Don’t pack items that are highly perishable or require a lot of cooking as your food. For example, you can choose canned beans, dried fruits, energy drinks and nuts as your food.


Should have good quality tents, sleeping bags, and enough all weather clothing. A good quality tent and sleeping bag should be waterproof, able to accommodate people who are camping and also comfortable. For clothes, make sure you have the appropriate clothing for the area you are visiting for camping. Always remember not all clothing is suitable for all environment.

Final word

Hope you don’t forget any of the above as you park for camping. Remember as you go on vacation to visit as many places you can because you can always make money, but you can’t make memories.

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