Binn’s Track: What To Do and How to Get There

Ready for an Australian adventure? If you’re not, you may be ready to jump into your campervan hire after reading the following. Binn’s Track is the adventure that you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re going to visit Australia, you’ll have to see what the “real” Australia is really all about and visiting Binn’s Track is the way to do just that. As you consider where you’re going to go in your campervan hire, think about stopping by this region in the Northern Territory for a memorable experience.

This area of Australia will provide you with the opportunity to see life in the bush and the great outback. It will bring you through a variety of landscapes that will make you admire what the people of this region have done to live here. While you’ll need to ditch your campervan and use a 4WD vehicle for a bit, you can be sure that it will be worth it. The following tips will help you to get there and know what to do while in the area:

  • If you’re already in south Australia, then you’re off to a good start. This is the best place to start. It will allow you to truly cover the terrain that makes the Binn’s track adventure worth it. Mt. Dare is a good place to get started.
  • Named after Bill Binns, it’s no wonder that a ranger deserved to be the name of this beautiful area that is full of fascinating landscape. As someone who dedicated over 32 years of his life to the country’s parks, it’s only fitting that one of the most iconic tracks in Australia is named after him.
  • The track is over 2,230 kilometres, so make sure that you’re ready for it if you choose to cover the entire Binn’s Track in one shot. Being prepared to travel the track means checking to see when certain areas are closed, when is the best season to visit, and what you should take. While it’s not the most challenging of places to visit in the world, it does require some forethought and planning, but it definitely is worth it.
  • You’re going to want to travel on the western fringe of the Simpson Desert. Why? While desert landscapes may at first sound dry and boring, you’ll be rewarded with fascinating views of towering sand dunes. Not only is this the fourth largest desert in the country but it is also the largest sand desert in the world. How is that for iconic? A must see for anyone travelling the Binn’s Track.
  • If you travel through the East MacDonnel Ranges, you’ll be rewarded with red rock formations and even rock carvings from times gone by. Sometimes you’ll even find festivals happening in this area, so if you’re in the area when one is taking place, make sure to consider participating, as you will be sure to have an experience like none other.
  • As you go, you’ll discover a bunch of little towns along the way. They aren’t the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney, nor do they even come close to be anything like Cairns or Adelaide, but they will give you a glimpse of the past. Gold rush towns and outback cattle stations are the kind of populated places that you’ll see here. Make sure to stop on by Tenant Creek. This is a town popular for its Aboriginal history and one that you should definitely stop by and see.
  • Why not look for semi-precious stones while in the area of Gemtree? It’s a fun thing to do if you’re adventuring with the kids. While it is a bit of a challenging trip, it doesn’t mean that kids won’t enjoy doing things like seeing gold mine and looking for stones, plus the beauty of the sand dunes in the Simpson desert will surely fascinate them as well.
  • You can also consider visiting gold mines in Arltunga, to have a glimpse of the history of this region of Australia. Now abandoned, you’re not going to find much gold there, but it sure will be fun to pan around for it, even if just to feel like you’re stepping back in time.

In Conclusion

If you are an adventurer, then you know that Australia is a place that you need to visit. From north to south, east to west, it is full of amazing places to visit. For travellers who are looking for an iconic place to visit, Binn’s Track is a great option for you.

Pack up your campervan hire and head on out to discover the rich history of the Binn’s Track area and admire the unique landscape that can only be found here in the Northern Territory. It’s an adventure that will be a rewarding one for you.

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